Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back to School Bulletin Board-With a Purpose

I know it is Summer and Back to School time is so far away for many of us...but if you are a teacher, you know that you are already thinking about how to improve everything in your classroom and all of your lesson plans.  I'd place bets that a lot of you teachers have already been hard at work, at least mentally, getting ready for the new school year!

In ECE we like everything we do to be intentional.  Every part of our day includes some kind of learning.  Even at snack time we will talk about what shape our cracker is, which of our five sense are we using?  How can we remember our good goes on and on.

I begin my year with a bulletin board that not only welcomes the kids, helps the parents learn the names of all the kids, but also adds an element that I use to show progress through the year.  In other is VERY intentional.

The board is outside my classroom door.  It is big-in fact I have 2 classes, morning Preschool and afternoon Pre K, so I break it into 2 separate boards.  It starts out with these flowers with empty centers and names placed boldly on each flower.

I have the words "Watch", "Us", "Grow" placed across the board above the flowers.  I have laminated the flowers, stems, and leaves so I don't have to make them each year.  I added the grass last year and I kind of like it.  

During the first week or two we do a center activity where we look into mirrors and notice our faces, usually during our "About Me" unit.  I ask the kids to notice their eyes color, hair color, if they have nose...where does it go on their face?  Do they have eyelashes?  Eyebrows?  Then I offer large circles in several flesh tones for the kids to re-create their face...we even add yarn hair!
The faces then go into the center of the flower with their own name on it!  I usually take a photo of each flower-including the name so I remember who it is!  The photo then becomes part of their end of the year progress book for their parents-which will show a current's amazing to see the change!

Here are a few examples.  The face with red hair is one of my Preschoolers ages 3-4, the other 2 are my Pre K kids, ages 4-5.  This way, the parents can also see the progress from the Preschool (3-4) to the Pre K (4-5).  It showcases developmental progress from one year to the next.  

I love this project, and so do the parents.  I think this is one of my favorite bulletin boards of the year!

This is just one of the activities in my "About ME"  5-day lesson plan available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Just follow the link below for this on a other 'done for you' lesson plans.
All About ME 5-day Lesson Plan for Preschool, PreK, K, and Homeschool


Monday, June 26, 2017

Storm Clouds in a Jar!

I LOVE doing science experiments with my preschoolers.  But as much as I love it...they love it even more!

One of my all-time favorite experiments to do with both my preschool 3-4's and my PreK is what I like to call "Storm Clouds in a Jar".  We do this experiment during our weather and seasons unit.  I read a few books about rain and briefly describe the water cycle and how clouds get so full of water that they need to let it go as rain.  The darker the cloud, the more saturated it is with water.

The kids get so excited when I tell them that they will be making their own storm cloud and rain in a jar...they are a little bit confused as well. So...I show them what we will be doing!  I have everything I need set up to do a whole group demonstration.

A mason jar
shaving cream
blue food color or blue liquid water color
pipettes or other droppers.

I fill the jar about 2/3 full with water.  Then I make a 'cloud'
of shaving cream that will float on top of the water.
Then I take the blue water and pipette and start to squeeze
droppers of blue water onto the cloud.  Soon the cloud becomes saturated  enough for the blue water to drip down
like rain.  The "OOOH''s and "AAAh"'s are so great!
At that point the kids cannot wait to get started and they
all want to come to my center first!

It is so much fun to watch the kids at this center.  The level of engagement and interest is off the charts!  One of the best parts is watching the kids get excited not only about their own little 'storm', but they are just as excited watching their friends little 'storms' develop as well.  They cheer each other on and encourage each other as they watch the experiment unfold before their eyes.  

This experiment and so many other fun and engaging centers are included in my 'All About Weather and Seasons' Complete 5-Day Lesson Plan available on teachers Pay Teachers.  You can follow the link below or the tab at the top of my blog.  


Sunday, June 25, 2017

I LOVE My Alphabet Wall!

I love my is my happy place.  I spend so much time there, I have to make it special and it has to be a place that I love and that my students find fun, exciting, and inspires them to learn.

One of my favorite things to do is to change my alphabet wall to go with my theme.  I can hear the groans already..."Isn't that a lot of work?"...."One more thing to do?"...No, it's not a lot of work, and yes, it is one more thing to do, but in my experience it is one more thing with a HUGE impact.

In ECE we strive to teach, but to keep things developmentally appropriate and experiential.  By changing my alphabet wall to go with my theme, I touch on things my students are excited about, increase theme vocabulary and usage, AND it's a fun and sneaky way of working in letter recognition and beginning sounds.

I have a few photos of my ever-changing alphabet wall I'd love to share.

 This is my Spring Alphabet wall.  The kids love seeing changes, and each letter brings up questions and discussions related to our theme.
 Below is Fall...It can be tough to find pictures for letters like "I, Q, and X", but I take liberties.  My aides love to see what I come up with...sometimes it's quite funny!

 Halloween is one of my favorites.  I found a great Halloween font on Teachers Pay Teachers that made it just perfect!

Thanksgiving is next...I loved coming up with just the right words and pictures for this one!

Every one of these alphabets and more can be found under "Themed Alphabets" in my TPT store.  Below is a full listing with links.

Change it up, have some fun, learn a ton!


Monday, June 19, 2017

5 Ways to Bring More FUN into Your Classroom

I thought it would never happen to me...until it did...

I lost my FUN!

I've always been a fun pre k teacher...silly, rambunctious, funny, and playful.  This year though, after a particularly difficult morning preschool 3-4's class, I was exhausted and burnt out.  I felt like I had nothing left for my afternoon pre k class!

So I asked myself..."What did I do to make class fun before the difficult mornings?"  I needed a refresher, so I gave it some serious thought.  It was tough at first, but I think it all came back to me in the relaxation of summer break...

1.  Sing Silly and/or Fun Songs

Be armed and ready with 4-5 funny crowd-pleasing songs that you can ham up or be really dramatic with the kids!  There's nothing like a shared song or experience to bring a class together, lessen tensions, and turn a bad mood to good!  Some of my favorites are "Little Bunny Foo-Foo", "5 Little Monkeys Swing'n in the Trees", "There's a Spider on the Floor", or "Patalina Matalina".  There are so many more...just pick your favorites, add some actions, expression, or your own dance moves and belt it out during circle time or any time you want!

2.  Have an Impromptu Dance Party

I have a little bluetooth speaker and an iPad with the Pandora Radio app installed in my classroom.  Whenever we need a little controlled fun, we crank up Disney radio, or the Kids Bop station and just DANCE!  This can get a little out of control, so I usually preface each dance party with instructions such as, "keep your hands to yourself", no "feet over heads", and "watch where you are dancing"!  I get out there and dance right along with them!  It makes me feel good, the kids feel good, and once's a shared fun experience that brings us closer and actually helps with discipline issues...try it!

3.  Read with LOTS of Expression!

My class LOVES Elephant and Piggie books...I think they love them so much because when I read's no-holds-barred performance art!  I get so into the voices and inflection...Mo Willems pictures are perfect for giving the reader clear cues on exactly how the character are feeling.  I decided on one particularly rough day with my morning class to read a different story the same way I would read an Elephant and Piggie book, just to see if the performance was!  The Three Little Pigs drew them in and captured their attention like nothing I had ever read before.  The book ended with shouts of "Again! Again!"...which told me I was on to something.  Funny thing mood changed and I couldn't wait to read another story.  Of course I don't read ALL stories with that much inflection and have to keep it special!

4.  Depart From Your Plan

I make very detailed lesson plans, create most of my own curriculum, and have a very involved principal, so my lesson plans are thorough and I am expected to teach to my plan.  But...there are days when I look at what I have planned for the day and I just know I'm going to be phoning it in if I follow I use my imagination and find something active or interesting to do for part or all of our day instead!  I keep a lot of supplies on hand for science projects and experiments, I have a lot of free art ideas rolling around in my head that I try, or I make something else up on the fly...some of my best ideas come from 'winging' it!  I usually come away feeling inspired, and the kids usually have a fun time with the activities I come up with...they didn't know what I had planned, so they don't have a clue!

5.  Stop trying so hard to be the best teacher in the world and just have FUN playing with the kids!

I saved the most important for last.  There are some days I let myself off the hook and turn center time into more of a 'play' time.  Play is the way young children learn, and they are so thrilled to have me as a customer in the restaurant in the dramatic play area, or if I help build the tower at the block center, or if I find unusual things to count or measure, or even if I just sit and chat while we color at the writing table.  We build bonds and get to know each other better...which is the cornerstone to good preschool and pre k teaching! is FUN!  After all, if you are like aren't in it for the're in this profession because you throughly enjoy spending your days with children.  

So, put some FUN back into your classroom!  I'd love to hear the ways you put FUN into your classroom too...we're all in this to make school great for little kids...we are each other's greatest resource!  Please leave a comment with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!