Sunday, March 5, 2017

St. Patrick's Day is Coming!

I LOVE Saint Patrick's Day!  I love to do all of the fun rainbow and shamrock crafts with the kids, I love to stage a 'Leprechaun' visit for my class full of mischief and glitter, and I love making what would be an ordinary day so much fun!

I teach at a catholic school, so I always teach a Saint Patrick religion lesson to my kids.  I had a hard time finding an age appropriate story of Saint Patrick's life and legend so...I wrote my own!  I have included it in my "All About Saint Patrick" lesson packet on TPT.  I will add link below.

I love how Saint Patrick used the shamrock to teach the trinity.  The trinity is a very abstract concept for most ages, let alone preschool and prek...but they do the sign of the cross, and I find that teaching that each leaf of the shamrock represents each part of the sign of the cross makes sense to them.  I explain that every leaf is part of the same shamrock just as each part of the trinity is part of the same God.  I'm sure some of it gets lost in translation, but it is a good start for the concepts they will learn as they move through catholic education.

Here is the link to the entire lesson-so many AWESOME activities are included!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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