Monday, March 27, 2017

Signs of Spring!

This week we begin our 'Signs of Spring' unit.  Here in Utah we are seeing blossoming trees, daffodils, green grass and leaves beginning to show their spring green on the tips of tree branches.

I began our day reading the BEST book I have ever found to illustrate the changing season and the fickle nature of springtime here in the west...'When Spring Comes' by Kevin Henkes.  It so perfectly describes the transition from Winter to Spring.  There is even a picture of snow-beaten daffodils...we had those last week!  It was so relatable, the kids were mesmerized!

I can't believe I have taught PreK for so long and missed this little gem!  It is perfect!

We also tried out a few activities from my 'All About Spring" 5 day unit/lesson plan.  They were really fantastic centers!  One was in conjunction with the book by Lois Ehlert 'Planting a Rainbow'.  I have the template in my lesson plan, (link will be at the end of this post) I use Avery dots to make the 'rainbow' center of the flowers and the kids add the rest!

We also Counted flowers into flowerpots...such a cute activity!  I did this one to numeral 15 for a challenge for the kids that were ready for it.  I had lower numerals for the kids that weren't quite there yet-this activity would be a great assessment tool for one-to-one correspondence, counting, numeral recognition and fine motor skills.

Our letter literacy center was a fun upper to lowercase letter match with a beginning sound picture in the center of a flower.  The kids loved finding the matching parts to the pictures...and it was a great way to double check if they had the right letter match!

It was a wonderful and FUN day!  for the complete 5-day plan complete with book list, art, science, math and literacy centers (and so much more) follow the link below!

Happy Spring!  More to come!

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