Monday, March 6, 2017

Construction Week STEM activity!

My class LOVES our Construction much, that we are into our third week.  I love the construction week because it is a great way to hit dozens of our core standards while keeping the kids engaged and learning.

We usually begin talking about tools and their uses.  The kids are so excited to learn that we use tools in our classroom each day...scissors, paintbrushes, markers, glue sticks...and our HANDS!  This year, I created a great lesson plan for TPT with a fun toolbox craft included.  The kids LOVED making their own toolbox with a handle and full of all the important tools they would need.
They were so proud of their work!

A simple and fun activity that fits perfectly into our Construction Theme is "Cups and Sticks" STEM activity.  We use jumbo craft sticks and plastic drinking cups we have on hand from our snack supplies.  I will do a short demonstration on how the kids can use the cups and sticks to stack and build or build long roads and bridges.  I let them know they can build together or by themselves.  I always add that no one can knock over a friends tower or step on the cups.  I have procedures in place so that the kids know how to behave in these centers!

The results are amazing and so much fun to watch!

 I have a week's worth of great Construction center ideas for math and literacy too!  Check out these great construction products!

Happy Building!

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  1. I like how you choose the cups, I will let my students to do it tomorrow