Thursday, January 19, 2017

Polar Express!

I LOVE teaching my students about Polar Animals!  Last week was our polar animal week...It was so much fun and so busy!  I wanted to hit a few pictures

We made 'Arctic Hares in the Snow'.  We talked about all the animals that camouflage in the winter.  We looked at pictures of animals in spring and summer and the winter coat transformations that make them become part of the polar landscape.

 Then we made penguin hats and learned about the many different kinds of penguins that live in oour coldest regions.  We walked and talked like penguins, and wore our awesome penguin hats all day!

 What would Polar animal week be without polar bears?  We made the cutest and simplest polar bears out of paper plates and cotton balls.  The kids added eyes and a cute nose and mouth.  This one was my favorite....

Follow the links below for some great Polar Animal resources!

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