Monday, December 5, 2016

Run, run as fast as you can...

The story of The Gingerbread Man is a classic tale with a not-so-happy ending.  I'm always surprised by how my preschoolers and pre-k kids react to the first story I read during gingerbread week.  Today I read the first original tale of the little old man and the little old woman who made the gingerbread man who met an awful fate by not thinking things through.

BOTH classes today (3-4 year-olds in the morning, and 4-5 year-olds in the afternoon) didn't believe it was the end when the fox ate the gingerbread man.  They wanted their happy ending, they wanted the hero to have an out...but alas...not so lucky!

I'm excited to read the next books on my list-maybe there will be a better outcome for our hero...?

Today we marked the beginning of Gingerbread week by making gingrbread men and women for our bulletin board.  Tis year the kids were very imaginative and used the materials on hand in fun and interesting ways.  I like to set out a sorting tray with puff balls, sequins, buttons, jewels, and cotton balls.  We add our glitter and we are ready to go!

Here are some photos from our bulletin board from years past.  I'll post this year's board when we are through.

More Gingerbread fun is on its way!

If you want some amazing and engaging Gingerbread center ideas and activities check out my "All About Gingerbread" Lesson plans and center ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Happy Holidays!

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