Wednesday, October 5, 2016

'Ollie's Orchard' Apple Unit Dramatic Play

We love to make our dramatic play center
fun and extra special!  For our All About Apples unit we turned our dramatic play area into an orchard complete with trees for apple picking!

Cash resgister and order forms
The kids have loved this center!  They pick apples, take orders, sort, count, and play!  One of the best things we noticed is that they are taking the knowledge that they have acquired through our books and discussions and applying it to their play.  They are using all of their new apple vocabulary words, and talking about the lifecycle of apples and apple trees.  We love to see our creative curriculum at work!
Trees and bunting signs.

Bags, apples, aprons and baskets

Trees with apples attached with velcro

 The signs-including the bunting signs-for our Apple Orchard dramatic play set can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, along other awesome sets to make your dramatic play the best center in your classroom!

Apple Orchard Dramatic Play Set

Apple Picking FUN!

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