Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Bulletin Board Evolving...

Yesterday I added the squishy paint leaves down the hall, and changed my bulletin board trees to Fall colors.
 The leaves look fantastic!  They are curled like real leaves, and what a gorgeous pop of color!  The kids were so excited to see their work down the hallway.  We dyed coffee filters on Tuesday with liquid watercolor in orange, red, yellow, and magenta.  They are so beautiful!  We cut leaf shapes out of the dyed filters-making sure to write names on the leaves...then we used the leftover scraps to make leaf 'piles' at the bottom of each tree for a real authentic Fall look!   I cut clear contact paper in wavy strip and stuck the scraps to the contact paper to make it easier to add the 'piles' to the bulletin board-it lookes great!

Today we will be adding something special to the Fall board...I wonder what it will be?

Happy Fall Y'all!

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