Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Beginning...

School's out, but anyone who thinks that teachers don't work in the summer doesn't know any teachers REALLY well!  I haven't received my classlist yet...which is late for my school, but already I'm getting things ready for the beginning of a new year.  Today I'll be stopping by my classroom to begin putting things back in order, laminate a few things I've made, visit with some fellow teachers who will also be there today, and to chronicle my classroom set up for this blog!  

I've got some great ideas for the coming year, some changes to make to the curriculum, some awesome game-changing organizing that I've already done...and more to come...and some fantastic new activities to try out with my kiddos!

I teach at a Catholic school which has been around since the 1950's.  We are landlocked in a residential neighborhood.  We are hurting for space, our building is old, and our preschool is situated in a basement...sounds terrible, but it's amazing!  Our school houses grades 2 (toddlers) thru 8th, our faculty is top-notch, our principal is unbelievably supportive, and our parents are phenomenal!  I feel so fortunate. 

I also have a little store on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  Below is a link  to my freebies, my fantastic lesson plans, center activities, and more.  I have some really fun dramtic play sets that my kiddos have enjoyed over the years.  

Teach Pre K on TpT

I'm excited to share!

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