Friday, July 22, 2016

I have such good intentions!

I am going to be a very dedicated blogger...

Starting ...


Yesterday I recieved the fabulous Emily Ley Planner that I ordered 4 days ago.  It has so many nice and simple features, plus daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns from August 2016 to July 2017.

My idea with the planner is simple.

I need to schedule all the little tasks I have to do for school, home, TPT, Tailwind, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and this blog.'s exhausting even reading that line.  Hopefully I will be able to simplify by scheduling these tasks to one, two, and three times a week bites.  That way I can take photos of my cute class doing the center activities in my TPT products so that I can pin, gram, FB, and blog away about the truly awesome stuff I do with my class.

I'm giving this blog and TPT my highest priority.  I have big plans for growing my store and learning some marketing skills this year.

I know this is the rambling post.  Its good to processeverything that is stressing me out right now.

That done...

I'm workin on a really cute Family and Friends unit/lesson plan right now.  I have photos to post of my favorite project from that unit.  Stay's pretty awesome!

If you want to see the cute planner I mentioned click on the link below!

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