Saturday, July 23, 2016

Getting ready for school means organizing at home

I finally purchased some awsome book bins from Steps to this summer.  I spent a few hours sorting and categorizing my books, making labels and voila!

Nothing fancy, my space is very limited, but now I can just grab a bin and drop it in my bag, or I can find a book quickly when I need it.  I feel so good now that everythng is clearly marked, clean, tidy, and also bright and fun!  I'm ready for the year to least as far as my books at home are concerned.

I'm also hoping to figure out how to take better staged photos.  I was in a big hurry with these, so here ya go!

I've included the link to the bins I purchased at the end of this post...much cheaper than Really Good Stuff, and just as sturdy!  Its still a bit of an investment, but I'm really pleased.  The bins are deceptively large.  When I first saw them I thought I would have to order more...I will in the future because I have a book-buying problem... but these held my entire collection which fills half of a small room in my house!  yay!

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